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Think before you buy Forex Signals?

Think before you buy Forex Signals?

Now if you think copying Forex signals make you rich, I want you to think again.
Now here are some reasons why you need more than just a signal service to continuously extract profit from the markets.

1. Trust

Do you really trust a bunch of internet strangers with your hard-earned cash. You are basically putting the faith of your trading account into somebody else’s hand.

2. Account Size

Account size and draw-downs. Professional traders and signal providers they trade on much bigger account and as every trader on the world they also go through the draw-down period. Your trading account might be much smaller in size and might not be able to withstand his draw-down. This can result in you blowing up the account completely.

3. Schedule

Chances are, you have 9–5 job or you might be in a different time zones and you won’t be able to execute every single trade signal that’s sent out. What happens if you manage to execute just five of the ten signals? And those five turns out to be losers? Whereas the other five were in profits. You will be losing money, not because the signals were bad simply because your schedule doesn’t allow you to follow all the signals.

4. Psychology

Professional traders and signal providers they spend years perfecting and working on the right trader’s psychology. It is in fact, the single most important aspect of trading. Can you trust yourself always to execute the trade with the right lot size? Can you handle your emotions when you see your account go through that inevitable draw-down period?

Think about this now, before you jump into a signal service

If you think you get the idea, if you want to become a really successful trader you need to get your head inside the game.

You need to surround yourself with like-minded people that will push you and help you become that trader you want to be.

To put it simply — you need to learn to trade for yourself. And that’s where we come into the picture here at Livermore Analytics. We’ve got a vibrant community of up-and-coming traders and like-minded individuals led by a team of professionals and mentor yourself.

At Livermore Analytics we not offer only trade signals, we also offer and teach you how to trade yourself with a library of content that contains hours and hours of educational materials. Also profitable trading strategies, risk-management techniques as well as other crucial information that you need to become a successful forex trader.


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