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PRO Traders Service


  • The PRO Traders service is mainly designed for the experienced traders in Forex and Stock market.
  • We will provide signals on the basis of weekly and monthly breakouts.
  • Leverage
    • It’s a double edge sword; we will teach you how to trade with low and high leverage.
  • The best way to enter in the market with different types of order.
    • Market Order.
    • Limit Order.
    • Stop Order.
  • Power of compounding.
    • Increasing profit percentage per trade.
    • The loss percentage will decrease per trade.
  • Will make your ride on big trends’. For example – 100-300 pips in single pairs.
  • We will provide you with major economic events, which will give an impact on currency pairs.
  • Dedicated toward risk & reward ratio. Not more than 15-18 trades in a month.
  • Proper trade support with entry and exit rules.
  • Position sizing according to your capital.
  • We will provide all the major data beforehand.
  • Switching of currency pairs.
  • Technical support will provide you with a fully dedicated senior research analyst.
  • Twice in a month face to face interaction with our senior research analyst.
  • Every premium pass will be providing you before the seminars and webinars.