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Learning Services


This service, we designed in two parts.

Learning :- In learning services you will get proper learning about the Forex market, get daily news, market updates and upcoming data like – FOMC, NFP, FED, EURO, GBP, CAD and USD data. Along with this you will get daily 2-4 signals. In this service you will get Technical analysis book. It is designed by our senior market analyst.

Working Professional :- This service is intended for working professionals who do not have time to monitor the market and currency changes. That’s why we design this service to save your screen time (5-8 hours a day). Here we will provide you with all the important data events and signals on your mobile phones. So you can continue working without any interference. Our team follows fundamental and technical analysis. So you will get excellent and stronger signals.

The features of this services are as follows

  • You will get proper learning about the market such as-
    • Traders Hierarchy 

    • Law of large numbers

    • Components of a profitable strategy

    • What is draw-down period in trading

    • How to manage risk of your trading account.

    • Calculating position size according to trading account

  • You will get daily news, market updates, events, and upcoming data such as –
    • FOMC
    • FED DATA
    • NFP DATA, etc.
  • Leverage
    • It’s a double edge sword; we will teach you how to trade with low and high.
    • The best way to enter in the market with different types of order.
      • Market Order
      • Limit Order
      • Stop Order
    • Power of compounding.
      • Increasing profit percentage per trade.
      • The loss percentage will decrease per trade.
    • You will get 2-4 Signals every day with more then 75% accuracy.
    • Will make your ride on big trends’. For example – 60- 80 Pips in single pairs.
    • Proper trade support with entry and exit rules.
    • Position sizing according to your capital.
    • Dedicated toward risk & reward ratio.
    • The risk and reward ratio will be 1: 1. in this service.
    • We will provide signals on the basis of daily and weekly breakouts.
    • We will provide you major economic events, which will give an impact on currency pairs.
    • You will get complete learning through eBooks’ and other Studies materials to enhance your edge in the markets.
    • You will get a Technical analysis book. (This is designed by our senior market analyst.)
    • Workshops, Webinars and Q&A will be conducted.
    • Every premium pass will be providing you before the seminars and webinars.