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Forex Account Management Services

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Understanding Managed Forex Accounts

Managed forex accounts offer exposure to a very different asset class of stocks or bonds. Unlike stocks that generate returns in the form of stock growth, interest payments or dividends, forex trading gains value as the value of one currency increases or decreases relative to another. Those who invest in currencies as an asset class do so as a means of risk protection in international markets or as speculators who recognize the opportunity for major price and value changes between international markets.

Managed forex accounts can be compared to traditional stock and bond investment accounts where an investment manager handles trading logistics. A money manager cannot withdraw or add funds to the client’s account, the investor has full control over his account. The client (investor) may withdraw a desirable amount of money from the trading account at any time.

Why invest in managed Forex accounts?

1. Funds invested by clients are managed by a professional (money manager)
‍2. The investor does not need any knowledge or technical skills about forex trading
‍3. Higher profitability than the classic type of investment services
‍4. High potential for passive income
‍5. The safe and transparent trading environment with a regulated broker
‍6. Performance fee charged at the end of the profitable month only
‍7. Low minimum investment, which means low investor risk
‍8. Full control over the trading account. The client (investor) may deposit, withdraw or cancel the management service at any time.