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One of the famous quote is, “Give man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to catch fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We are inspired by legendary trader Jesse Livermore , You can see that, the financial market is a deep and dark ocean… especially for people who trade in without a good plan. Every day, thousands of novice traders drown in the ocean with help of online info — service providers, global news…data, how do they even trade in the market?

We At Livermore Analytics, provide learnings, trade ideas, recommendations and assistance in Forex, Comex and Stocks, to the traders to get profit on consistent basis. To trade in volatile markets with very low risk. To navigate the charts skilfully and not get eaten by big players.

Our Mission

We know a bit about building, growing and retaining wealth. We have been doing it a long time.We have seen 10years of Forex markets.We focus on what builds wealth. We leave the others to focus on stuff that destroys wealth.Most Currency Hedgers including Exporters & Importers are using our trading platforms to mitigate or lower their Currency Risk which they are exposed to by virtue of the businesses they operate in.
We deliver game changing currency solutions and strategies using advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our Vision

Avoid FOMO with livermore Analytics active and prompt action in currencies*
Remember:There is always a big movement to the upside and downside, in some currecncies, somewhere in the currencypair...at the same time!
What we provide is tactical currency pairs for trading: exposure across multiple currency pairs for trading , multiple stategies, multiple choices to trade.
This is exactly what our vision is to give to you.

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